Need a subsidy publisher of custom-designed first-quality books? Or a diaskeuast, a lucubrator, or a redactor?*

We have a 35-year track record publishing family histories, company histories, other non-fiction, and fiction. We have developed a network of printers, binders, designers, artists, and computer typsetters to provide complete services from manuscript to published book.

Writing the book is the hardest part, but trying to self-publish without professional assistance can bring one to a morass of confusion and financial waste. Even the available manuals describing the process cannot take the place of an experienced publisher.

We established our editorial service in 1978 and have edited the books of Watercress Press and Corona Publishing Company, as well as countless manuscripts of authors who wanted help in perfecting their work for submission to agents and tradebook publishers. These have included self-help, genealogy, history, Texana, cookbooks, archaeology, fiction, company histories, memoirs — you name it, we’ve probably blue-penciled it.

Alice Geron, founder of Watercress Press, earned an M.A. in English, with 5 years’ experience at The University of Texas Press and 20 years as an industrial editor before founding Watercress Press. Currently, Watercress Press offers no order fulfillment services but gives assistance and advice in promotional efforts.

Julia Hayden, the current owner,  joined Watercress Press in 2008, taking on responsibilities for marketing, editing, website design, and client liaison. She served for twenty years in the US Air Force as a radio/television broadcast technician and manager, and has contributed to a number of military, literary review, current affairs, and general interest websites and blogs. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Southern California at Northridge. She is the author of ten historical novels set on the western frontier under the penname of Celia Hayes. She has also written a contemporary comedy series, The Chronicles of Luna City as co-author with her daughter, Jeanne Hayden.


*All terms for “editor,” lucubrator being one who works at night, which is particularly applicable to a company founded by a night owl.

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