Brooke Negley

THE WORLD BY THE TAILWorld by the Tail - large

by Brooke Negley

Brooke is the mother of three daughters and the guardian of dogs, cats, and various other creatures who cross her path. Born in Washington, D.C., brought up in San Antonio, she was educated in Switzerland and worked in London before returning to her true roots in Texas.

In The World By The Tail, the author takes us on a disarmingly witty and poignant journey, from the moment a small Jack Russell terrier named Jane comes into it–from a movie set on the moors of Devon, to the village of Gstaad in the Swiss Alps, and the vast landscapes of her home in Texas, while picking up several more dogs along the way. Across the pages troop her boundlessly energetic mother, Nancy Holmes; a malapropian brother, Pete; and Dick Negley, a square-jawed, dyed-in-the-wool Texan, whom the author marries. It’s a story of irresistible dogs and great characters whose lives are woven together–and all the better for it.        

6 x 9, paper, x, 243 pages  ISBN 0-934955-38-7        
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