George Gaytan

MOMENTARY HEROES  –  A Tribute to a Father’s GenerationGaytanc_sm

by George Gaytan

This fascinating book about the USS Walker honors the typical, ordinary men who became extraordinary heroes during World War II. A must-read for anyone interested in our nation’s history. Brig .Gen. David Lee “Tex” Hill, of the “Flying Tigers.”

The late Jesse Gaytan was a 20-year-old quartermaster on the USS Walker in the South Pacific in 1943-45, seeing action throughout the area, and facing attack from Jap subs, surface ships, and Kamikazes. After his death in December 1994, his son George began to research the history of the Walker and its survivors. As he found his father’s shipmates, he obtained interviews and photographs, and has put them together into this remarkable story of a US Navy destroyer and its crew in combat.

George Gaytan is a well-known and accomplished classical guitarist, performing throughout Texas, and is on the music faculty at a private prep school in San Antonio, Texas.

6 x 9, paper, xiv, 132, over 85 illustrations  ISBN 0-934955-46-8        
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