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Introducing the Episcopal Church and Anglicanism in America

by Chuck Collins

“This lively and enlivening introduction to real Anglicanism speaks loud and clear to those who want to be serious with the Bible and its God. It is a forthright recall to the things that really matter.” – J. I. Packer

The Reverend Canon Chuck Collins is rector of Christ Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas.  His book is named in reference to Thomas Cranmer, the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the newly formed Church of England, “my reluctant hero . . . remembered here for his courage to question the hallowed traditions of his day and follow the leading of his reformed heart.”

With discussion questions appended to each chapter, the book is an excellent text for new members of the Episcopal Church, and serves also to help older members “who have forgotten the strength of our heritage.”

6 x 9, pb, viii, 102 pages      
ISBN 978-0-934955-62-1
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