Karen Roth

FOUND ON 16TH AVENUEFound_On_16th_Avenue_sm

by Karen Roth

This novel tells a wonderful story of a teenage orphan boy in the Czech district of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1934. Joe Vesely has had a turbulent and at times violent  existence in his fourteen years, but suddenly he becomes a member of his late mother’s estranged family and a whole new life opens up for him. How he learns to adjust to the new life is a fascinating and moving story of the way he learns to handle the war within himself and find his place in the loving new-found family.

The book’s editor said, “I found myself blotting frequent tears as I followed the development of this young man and saw how a profound faith in God reached him through his uncle’s ministering and dedication.”

6 x 9, pb, viii, 312 pages        
ISBN 0-934955-67-0        
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