Lucy Wilson Jopling


by Lucy Wilson Jopling

The Nimitz Silver Dolphins Chapter of submarine veterans has done a reprint of this 1970 book to honor the wartime services of Lucy Jopling. In World War II, Lucy was an Army nurse at Bataan and was evacuated from Corregidor by submarine at the last minute. She went back to the South Pacific as a Flight Nurse in January 1944 and helped fly out prisoners of war until February 1945.

She married an ex-POW who never fully recovered his health from his imprisonment by the Japanese after the Bataan Death March, but Lucy and Dan raised four children, and Lucy made a new career as a social activist, championing the causes of her special charges: POWs, disabled veterans, widows, and women in general. Her story is an inspiring account of a remarkable woman. For many of us it may be somewhat nostalgic; for younger readers it should provide a role model for the virtues which made America great.

6 x 9, paper, viii, 136 pages, 16 photos ISBN 0-934955-20-4
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