Victor Rodriguez

The_Bell_Ringer_smTHE BELL RINGER

by Victor Rodriguez, Ph.D.  (Third Printing)

“This is about the bell ringer, a young kid who for years jogged two miles from his home in Edna to ring the St. Agnes Catholic Church bell at 5 a.m. It’s about a boy who used that early morning rise and long run to teach himself discipline while rounding into condition for future greatness. It’s about a small town country boy who found fame in big cities as he climbed countless ladders to success. It’s about an athlete who became a coach and earned many awards and at least a dozen trophies. It’s about an educator who earned more degrees than you’ll find in an old stove. This then is about an old friend, Dr. Victor Rodriguez, who retired in 1994 as superintendent of the San Antonio School District.”   – Dan Cook, sports journalist extraordinaire.

“Victor is the epitome of a great Christian educator and this book will bless and challenge you!”   – Buckner Fanning, retired minister of Trinity Baptist Church, San Antonio

6 x 9, cloth with dustjacket; viii, 216 pages        
ISBN 0934955-63-8        
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