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Books published by Watercress Press cover a wide range of topics.

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Personal History

A Life of Grace

Not Always Right, But Never in Doubt

A Grandpa Story   *  Drawn on Memory    *  The Bell Ringer    *

Brothers in Distant Worlds    *    The World by the Tail    *

Lost Landscape, Lost Community     *   Stringtown

  Stringtown Redux        *       Deanie’s Story

                   Communities with Spirit     *      A 21 Story Salute

 3.6 Years of Hell   *      Mostly Iliad and a Little Odyssey     *   Return Ticket 

 Madame Mayor       *      Momentary Heroes     *     Warrior in White 



Karagoz     *    STET      *      Tropic of Gemini     *      Celebrate the Temporary

Black Beads & Colored Beads



Found on 16th Avenue

Frankenstein: The Dawning & The Passing

History: Company, Organizational and Local

   Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

In the Bend of the Middle Bosque

Hickory Hill      *     Avinger Texas, USA

Julius Theodor Splittgerber     *

A History of the San Antonio Country Club

         Cranmer’s Church        *      God’s Grace on the Guadalupe

History of the Texas Cavaliers    *     A Man of Works

Camp Waldemar: The Oral History of Doris Johnson

    A Man, A Dream, A Company: The History of  American Security Life Insurance         *      50th Anniversary Supplement

The Nix Houses   *     Snyder Showplaces


A Faculty Development Program in Academic Medicine

Practical Lessons from the Experiences of a School Leader

Hints in School Administration

    Child Molester in the Making     *     Riding the Wave

Common Sense.com


Self Help

Your Power to Become     *     Singleness

Come On In, There’s Room for Us All

First Quality Books – for 35 Years