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Although a subsidy publisher, Watercress Press carefully reviews and considers manuscripts submitted to us by potential clients. We will consider publishing memoirs, biographies, historical accounts, the histories of businesses and establishments, genealogies, fiction of all genres, instructional guides, advice, children’s books, and self-help books.

We would like to see the entire manuscript. If illustrations are an integral part of your project, please include at least one or two samples.

Submit a copy of your manuscript by mail or email to Watercress Press at the address listed here . Manuscript should be double-spaced.  Please also include a cover letter with your contact information. If you wish for your manuscript to be returned, include a large envelope with sufficient postage.

You may also send your manuscript or outline as Word or Word Perfect attachments, upon contacting us through an email query. This is the query form. Upon our reply, please put “Manuscript Submission” in the subject line of your email, and, as above, include in the body of your email your contact information. In considering publication, please let us know what format (paperback, hardbound, or e-book) you are considering. If a printed book, how many copies you will require. Will there be color photographs or illustrations, and if so, how many? Are you looking for traditional printing, or the smaller print runs offered through our G & A imprint?

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